Charitable Choice is a registered not-for-profit charity organisation (charity number 91/11221) promoting charitable gifting for a better Hong Kong. Charitable Choice provides an interactive online giving platform enabling selected local charities to raise funding and support towards projects that address pressing social needs.

Funds raised by Charitable Choice also support our Making Good Choices programme for under-served youths in Hong Kong, providing mentoring workshops to equip them with the knowledge and skills for better career preparedness and increased self-confidence to make the most of employment opportunities.

Charitable Choice is a fun and unique approach to charitable gifting in Hong Kong. We offer charity gift cards, personalised fundraising pages, charity gift registries, corporate donation plans and retail programmes.

All donations made via Charitable Choice are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote charitable gifting and provide a secure platform for interactive philanthropy.

To fulfil this mission, Charitable Choice provides an interactive platform that enables selected locally registered charities to raise funding and support towards projects that address pressing social needs in the community.


In order to make a sustained, long-term difference and support the work of our charity partners, the sustainability of the Charitable Choice platform is key. Donations facilitated via Charitable Choice incur a 5-10% administration fee depending on the sales method and distribution channel. This fee, agreed and approved by all our charity partners, contributes towards the maintenance of the Charitable Choice platform. The bulk of the costs relating to maintenance is currently funded by individual and corporate donors.

Additionally, we seek project and programme sponsorship from corporates to enable us to extend our reach and/or access an additional segment of the local Hong Kong market to raise funding for our partners. We welcome partnership enquiries, ideas, requests and opportunities and adopt a creative and flexible approach to work with project donors to benefit our charity partners.

Our Charity Partners

Charitable Choice partners with 40+ carefully selected (and vetted) locally registered charities to enable them to raise funds to support projects that generate positive impact in civil and social society in Hong Kong.

All charity partners are reviewed and approved by Charitable Choice's Board of Directors. All the charities featured on the Charitable Choice platform are registered in Hong Kong and actively running programmes to benefit the local community.

Charitable Choice prides itself on conducting regular visits to each and every one of our charity partners. This practice allows us to gain tremendous insights and conduct an initial level of due diligence to ensure the charities we partner with are providing bona fide services.

The visits have also enabled us to establish direct, personal connections with our partners, through which we can feel their passion and commitment towards their causes.

In line with our commitment to operate a sustainable platform and to remain the facilitator of choice for interactive charitable donations, we welcome nominations of charity beneficiaries to be included on the Charitable Choice platform but preference is given to charities recommended by regular users of the platform. Charity partners are reviewed once a year, usually in December.