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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - November 2017

We are very proud and excited to introduce a brand new Charitable Choice experience (well the online portion of what we do anyway - the team remains unchanged but ever passionate about what we do!)

Thanks to a lot of hard work in the last few months, our website better reflects our mission, impact and history as well as provides an amazing new user experience for our donors.

In addition to buying charity gift cards and fundraising online, you may now donate to multiple charities in a single transaction and watch a range of videos about our team and our charity beneficiaries.

Read on to find out more about how this all happened and other things we've been up to.

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We're an open book!

Charitable Choice has a robust website that records and allocates all donations with efficiency and accuracy. At the end of each financial year, we also undergo a detailed audit, guaranteeing that all donations are accounted for. Click on the links below to read our Annual Reports and review our financial statements.

  • Charitable Choice Audited Financial Statements 2016-17 (Download)
  • Charitable Choice Annual Report 2016-17 (Download)
  • Charitable Choice Annual Report 2015-16 (Download)
  • Charitable Choice Audited Financial Statements 2015-16 (Download)
  • Income and Expenditure Account (Event - 11 Dec 2016) (Download)
  • Income and Expenditure Account (Event - 27 Nov 2016) (Download)

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Fact elderly

1 in 3

Elderly living in poverty
308,500 or approximately 30% of elderly persons over the age of 65 live in poverty.
Source: Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2015
Fact violence

1 in 7 women

Suffered from sexual violence
There were 71 rapes and 1,019 indecent assaults recorded in 2016.
Source: Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women